Hypoallergenics explained

Hypoallergenics explained

Very many people suffer from allergies. Many patients have allergic reactions to mildew, but the real problem is the excrement of the house dust mite, which is inhaled as dust particles. These minuscule spider-like mites (they are less than 0.4 mm long) feed on mildew and flakes of skin and feel most at home in a warm environment with a high moisture level. Pillows and mattresses thus provide the perfect home for the house dust mite: hundreds of thousands of them can be found in a single bed. You can combat possible allergies with Alpura®, the mattress cover that fights the house dust mite.

From sneezing to asthma

Allergy to the house dust mite can trigger a range of complaints: irritated eyes, blocked nose, sneezing, coughing, eczema and even asthma. These disorders must be thoroughly investigated and treated, particularly in young children. If necessary, your doctor will suggest a treatment or suitable medication for you.

Clean and keep dust-free

However, the first thing you can do is to avoid contact with the house dust mite as far as possible. You can do this by regularly giving your bedroom a thorough cleaning (as far as possible with water and/or a wet mop) and by tidying and ventilating it on a regular basis. If necessary, you can of course banish all the ‘dust traps’ from your bedrooms (curtains, drapes, (fitted) carpets, clothes, fabric lampshades, etc.). However, the main source of house dust mite allergies is the bed. And so a preventive approach is needed.


Alpura® tackles the house dust mite once and for all

With the Alpura® mattress cover, Ergosleep® brings you a breakthrough in bedroom hygiene! The Alpura® cover offers a definitive solution to two important aspects of a healthy sleeping environment: combatting the house dust mite and ensuring optimum moisture management.

Up until now, there have been two approaches to combatting the house dust mite
  • The house dust mite is often tackled using chemical pesticides (biocides). However, this is not a satisfactory solution, because the mites can develop immunity to them. Furthermore, there is continued discussion about the effect of these products on people themselves. Indeed, their use is prohibited in a number of countries.
  • Until now, a preventive approach was the alternative. Frequent cleaning of the bedroom and washing mattress covers at high temperature were key to this.

Today, with Alpura®, Ergosleep® has the solution that offers a proactive and natural approach to the house dust mite: by applying ‘probiotics’ to every fibre of the mattress cover. Probiotics (or ‘good bacteria’) are most familiar to us in food. They are the active ingredient in the drinks and yoghurts that repair and restore our intestinal flora. It was recently discovered that these ‘good bacteria’ can also deliver useful results in other areas. In the Alpura® cover, they ensure that house dust mite allergens are gathered up, but most importantly that the house dust mite’s food (our flakes of skin) are completely neutralised. This makes it impossible for the house dust mite to survive in the Alpura® cover. The mattress cover is thus completely free from house dust mites for ever!

Probiotics also have some beneficial side effects. They ensure that harmful bacteria – which also make the bed smell stale – cannot nest. Mildew (and even microscopically small fungi) have no chance to grow. The probiotics in Alpura® are thus an active bed cleaner and make regular washing of the mattress cover unnecessary. However, the Alpura® cover is washable (up to 60°C) and so can be refreshed every year if you wish.

Via a special technology, probiotics are also dosed and released over time so that you can be assured of their effect throughout the entire life cycle of your cover (replace your mattress every 10 years).


Alpura® creates a cosy sleeping climate

Another thing that can disrupt our sleep is sweating, a key aspect of how our body works. Among other things, it regulates the body temperature. We thus sweat constantly, even if we don’t always notice it. We lose around 25 cl of moisture over night. It is therefore essential to have a mattress that is designed to deal with this.
The construction of the Alpura® cover is specially equipped to guarantee optimum moisture management. Every thread of the flexible viscose weave contains countless air pockets whose specific shape creates a great suction (capillary) effect. As a result, moisture is absorbed immediately and spread over a large surface. The cover thus ensures immediate evaporation and remains perfectly dry to the touch.

A house dust mite

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