SLEEP DNA® in three steps

SLEEP DNA® in three steps

When you are sleeping, the different parts of the body put pressure on the bed. You need enough space around your shoulders and hips to minimise the counter-pressure and ensure that the spine remains straight. The head, lumbar region and legs, on the other hand, need added support. Subtle variations are also seen between the shoulder and lumbar region, and precisely to address these differences, Ergosleep® dynamic support works in three steps.

Step 1: Setting your SLEEP DNA®

Following measurement in the Ergosleep® test studio, your basic profile – comprising common points of how you sleep on your side and back – is integrated into the slatted base or box spring on the basis of your SLEEP DNA®. This basic profile evolves with you and can be adjusted over time.

Step 2: Flexibility of the base

The flexible support elements and slats in the Ergosleep® slatted bases or the different spring zones in the Ergosleep® box springs adapt automatically to your different sleep positions.

Step 3: Fine-tuning of the mattress

The right mattress for your SLEEP DNA® provides the fine-tuning. It is specially designed and equipped with comfort zones to provide optimum base support for your sleeping body.


Discover your SLEEP DNA® in our products

It’s not just your body that is unique – so are your preferences. And so Ergosleep® offers you the choice of two bed types: the pioneering slatted bases are somewhat more distinctive in terms of functionality, whereas the luxurious box springs are easy on the eye. But both have equal respect for your SLEEP DNA®.


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