The Ergosleep® Experience Studio

The Ergosleep® Experience Studio

Everyone is unique. So why should we all sleep in the same bed? Ergosleep® has developed a bed that is completely customised for you. And that is truly unique. At the Ergosleep® SLEEP DNA® Experience Studio, you can get suitable sleep advice and experience for yourself the importance of getting the right support. ‘The support forms the basis for a good night’s sleep. Let Ergosleep® take you on a fascinating voyage of discovery, in a bed that seamlessly follows your body profile or SLEEP DNA®. Relax and enjoy!

Ready for a unique experience?

Before we can let you experience how a bed feels that is fully in harmony with your sleep profile, we look at your personal details and particular preferences (including your preferred sleeping position). This ensures the support is in the best possible alignment with your body.

Lie down and relax

Time for the genuine experience. You ‘go to bed’ just like every evening. Although this is not your bed, it won’t feel at all strange to you. On the contrary! While you are lying down, you will learn more about the importance of a good night’s sleep. The Ergosleep® sleep system is adapted to your body. And that helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Digital measurement of your SLEEP DNA®

While you are relaxing watching an enjoyable media presentation, the necessary measurements are taken and your personal sleep profile (SLEEP DNA®) is recorded. The system of course takes into account your different sleeping positions, because even when you are sleeping peacefully, you unconsciously change position.

A fantastic experience

Now that the bed ‘knows’ you, we can truly let you feel the difference between an ‘ordinary’ bed and an Ergosleep® aligned to your body profile. All the pressure points are alleviated. You are fully supported. While we leave you to relax, you yourself become completely ZEN.

De finishing touch

We provide you with a document of your SLEEP DNA® and our reasoned recommendations which you can use to design your bed: a slatted base or a box spring, the type of mattress, the pillow, etc.


Determine your SLEEP DNA®

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