Ergosleep BS3 – NEW

Ergosleep BS3 – NEW

New box spring with 5 adjustment zones in torso area. Zoned box spring with thermally cured pocket spring interior, right-hand upper with anti-slip and sprung base. The 5 zones in the torso area can be set in position 2 (yellow) or position 3 (red) using the setting key (idem BS4).

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Technical information

  • Designed with pocket springs distributed in zones for active body support and uniform comfort
  • Reflective elastic anti-slip double cover
  • Adjustable models with integrated upholstered base for an attractive appearance
  • Choice of adjustable models for optimum seated comfort and relaxation
How is Ergosleep® aligned to your Sleep DNA®?

Design of the basic models


Non-adjustable base.


With integrated, upholstered base for combination with BS3 Synchro 2.

Synchro 2

Electrically adjustable back and legs element with integrated, upholstered base, RF remote control and circuit breaker. For combination with BS3 Base.

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