Installing slatted bases

Installing slatted bases P4 / P3

Ergosleep® P4

  1. Hook both your forefingers under the lip of the support arm.
  2. Pull the support arm ± 5 mm upwards (= disconnection).
  3. With your thumbs, push the wings of the support arm (= release from the support arm).
  4. Move the support arm to the highest position and count down to the correct setting.
  5. Pull the support arm with its four support pins back into the casing.
  6. Push the rubber block downward (= blocking).

Ergosleep® p3

  1. Push the lips from the supports in a smooth movement.
  2. Tilt the support rubber upwards, away from the support, and move it to the right height position. Slide the support rubber back onto the support using the lips.

See our slatted base models here.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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