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Useful information and tips

Adjusting the box spring BS4

    1. Remove the mattress from the box spring to make adjustment easier.
    2. Open the box spring zipper closure so that the adjustment points are visible. The control is located towards the head end.
    3. Place the adjustment key supplied in the central opening of the adjustment point. Use the key to push the dial inwards and rotate the adjustment point to the required position. Once the required position is reached, allow the dial to spring forwards again before removing the key from the dial.
    4. Repeat step 3 for all adjustment points.
    5. Close the box spring zipper and put the mattress back.

See our box spring models here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Installing slatted bases P4 / P3

Ergosleep® P4

  1. Hook both your forefingers under the lip of the support arm.
  2. Pull the support arm ± 5 mm upwards (= disconnection).
  3. With your thumbs, push the wings of the support arm (= release from the support arm).
  4. Move the support arm to the highest position and count down to the correct setting.
  5. Pull the support arm with its four support pins back into the casing.
  6. Push the rubber block downward (= blocking).

Ergosleep® p3

  1. Push the lips from the supports in a smooth movement.
  2. Tilt the support rubber upwards, away from the support, and move it to the right height position. Slide the support rubber back onto the support using the lips.

See our slatted base models here.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Installing slatted bases

Download the installation instructions for the foot and relax brackets for the P3-P4 and for the fixed back element here.

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Installing bed frames

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Motors and remote controls

Download the instructions for the Synchro 2, Synchro 3 and 4 with radio-frequency remote control here.

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Download the instructions for the duo-zipper for mattresses here.

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Art. 1 General

The warranty terms below do not affect the user’s rights with respect to the purchase of consumer goods. We safeguard the quality of Ergosleep® products by means of the terms and provisions below. We undertake to replace or repair any mattress and/or base which shows possible manufacturing defects or defective materials up to five years after the date of manufacture. However, certain product defects are expressly not covered by this warranty. These are specified in Art. 6.

Art. 2 What the warranty covers

These warranty terms relate only to defects as the consequence of construction and/or manufacturing faults.

Art. 3 The warranty

3.1. If, given normal use of the mattress or base, a defect should occur within two years of the invoice date as a consequence of a material or production fault, we guarantee to cover the full cost of repair or replacement.

3.2. Replacement or repair after two years takes into account degressive depreciation due to use of the product. You will then pay a contribution in accordance with the table below, plus the carriage and administration costs.

Period following delivery Customer pays
After 2 years 40%
After 3 years 60%
After 4 years 80%
After 5 years warranty no longer valid

3.3. There is a two-year warranty for motors with respect to construction and manufacturing defects.

Art. 4 Repair of the defect

Depending on the circumstances, we offer you free repair or free replacement of products covered by the warranty. However, if repair or replacement is not possible or is disproportionate to the value of the item, an alternative form of redress may be proposed, such as replacement with an equivalent product or financial compensation.

Art. 5 Equivalent model

If the product concerned cannot be repaired or replaced by a product of precisely the same model, a comparable product of the same value may be supplied.

Art. 6 Not covered by the warranty

Mattresses and bases for which no valid and stamped proof of warranty is submitted.
Normal wear and tear and discoloration of upholstery and fabrics.
Parts subject to normal wear and tear, such as batteries, controls etc.
Mildew (the forming of mould on mattresses is due to the conditions of usage, in particular a room that is insufficiently ventilated or is damp).
Normal wear and tear of the mattress or base through usage: the firmness of the mattress will decline naturally. This may result in a height loss of up to 15% or a loss of hardness of up to 20% of the mattress core. Furthermore, it is perfectly normal for the filling materials in the mattress cover to be permanently compressed by up to 65% of their initial thickness through use. These phenomena are therefore not covered by the warranty.
Wear and tear and/or defects caused by incorrect or improper use or maintenance as the consequence of particular use which the consumer failed to declare at the time of purchase.
Damage as a consequence of a poorly ventilated, sagging, unsuitable or poorly positioned mattress support.
Damage caused by the use of force, overloading, inexpert repair and/or modifications as the result of actions performed by the customer or third parties (e.g. folding the mattress in two for long periods).
Urine, blood stains and other visible soiling.
Visible manufacturing faults or defects which could reasonably have been detected immediately on delivery.

Art. 7 Supporting documentation

This warranty is valid only on presentation of the original guarantee certificate. Should you have a complaint, please contact the recognised dealer where you bought your mattress or base, taking the original invoice and the product label with you. The mattress must be returned in a clean condition.

Art. 8 Transport

The product must be returned in proper packaging to prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged during transport. No warranty claims will be accepted if the product concerned is returned without packaging or poorly packaged.

Art. 9 Manufacturing warranty

Repair or replacement of the mattress or base does not change the length of the warranty period. The warranty period always begins on the original invoice date.