Willem Elsschot’s bed Elsschot in showroom Maldegem

On 28 October 2010, LS Bedding made the highest bid on author Willem Elsschot’s bed, to then take the ‘literary heritage’ to the showroom in Maldegem. The payment was made to Bednet, an initiative that educates chronically ill children.


Auctioneer Mon Bernaerts didn’t have to exert himself during radio broadcaster Klara’s auction. The auction hall was full to the brim with Elsschot fans who all had their own reasons for wanting to buy the bed that the author slept in for forty years, and that featured in his books (including ‘Kaas’). Plenty of speakers had already been spreading the word about the bedstead. Willem Dolphyn, Elsschot’s grandson, came to deliver a certificate of authenticity. He even shared the fact that the author used to sleep on the right-hand side, ‘the side closest to the door’. Auctioneer Mon Bernaerts informed those gathered that the bed was made of flamed Cartier oak and was probably made by Mechlinian hands around 1900.

The bed was given a prominent place in the LS Bedding showroom in Maldegem.

willem-elsschot-2 willem-elsschot-3 willem-elsschot-4

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