About Ergosleep®

About Ergosleep®

Ergosleep® has been working on ergonomically pioneering innovative sleep systems since 1985. Weight, physique, preferred sleeping position and body profile are measured and recorded with digital precision – we call it SLEEP DNA®.

Buying a bed from Ergosleep® means the most personal and innovative sleep solution for every sleeper. After all, everyone has a different body. A bed by Ergosleep® uniquely supports the body by adapting the sleep surface to the individual body profile or SLEEP DNA® (Digital Night-rest Analysis).
Further, the bed can adapt over time to a changing body shape. You can design both the slatted and box spring base to your own preferences.
Ergosleep® is part of the LS Bedding group, which designs, manufactures and markets differentiating, high quality and ergonomically sound sleep systems (including the brands Magnitude and Nox).

Willem Elsschot’s bed in showroom Maldegem
‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ (Let’s Beat Cancer Together) campaign

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LS Bedding Group
LS Bedding nv
Bogaardestraat 228 b

Fax +32 (0)50 71 44 36
BTW BE – 0405.105.355
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